Blog 29-03-2020

So what have I done in the last week?
Well … I started off by cleaning the house wiping all door handles etc down as well. Sparkling now 🙂
AS the weather was lovely and unable to go for a walk spent a lot of the time in the garden.
That has been tied also. Then out came the camera. Took a few images of my cats Tilly and Tom, and found some insects to photograph using a 12mm extention tube attached to my 24-105mm lens.
1st time using this and enjoyed it. Took a bit of time and patience to do.

Then I had a small cheap Light Box delivered, took images of items from around the house and kitchen, as well as with a few flowers.
This I found realling good to do. At 1st, some of the focusing was slightly off, so changed how I was doing things and then got it right. A learnimng curve.

Well that’s if for today.
Hope you enjoyed the quite update.
Thank you